Beneath the veil.

26 May


I hate the way you crawl into my dreams
Shifting faces in the moonlight
Riding on a wave of deep blue sea.
The carpet,
That was and is not but will be if I’m not
Stronger than the shadows kept bound
Within the mirror,
Strain to the portal beneath
Tailored by love, I’m tutored in devotion
Sometimes men are too noisy on this quest

I see your mannequin in jagged multicolors
Ethereal form embalmed in earth’s substratum
My odyssey advances in a plethora of scenes
Early is not the act where you love to be
In daily connivance with my heart’s desire
The walls you breach are forged in fire
Mounted to keep all hideous comers
Beyond the borders of a glowing light

The beast is at home with us
Irreverent, cares none for the cutting
Edge of tongues uncountably deflowered
I will walk the mile in a cloak…

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Posted by on May 26, 2012 in Fiction


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