31 May

Wherever she ride or go

She has my heart in hold.

Pseudo-love I hitherto embraced

Till evicted, from wondrous paradisal tryst

Into a vacuum foraged vagabond.

My phallic bruised, and sick I am

All for love in flight


It seemed the rays of the sun blackened out

And I cannot even see the common clouds.

Damp and swollen, chilly and feverish

All in longing for a belle not in sight


My ontology dallies

My being tarries

Mine is an essence clouded

For you are distantly founded

Ashore where I cannot landed

All in search of a stolen jewel


A veiled multi-tentacled web

Like a beclouded fog in December;

A chilly guest on a wondrous Eve

Wrapped my soul in icicles

All in longing for my separated half


I pilgrimaged in phantasm;

A solitary sojourning in nil realism

Secreted by a monstrous lacuna

Of a distanced love aspired

Alack! How enslaved I am in desire?


I desire your comforting arms again

Laying my head in your bosom again

I crave your succulent lips again

Let your enveloping warmth invigorate my being again

Your love in me remain


My mind flies about for a solace

Sourcing a respite from this odious place.

You were the fillip that dazzled my heart

The convivial salt of my heart

The rays of the sun went out

The day you marched out.



Your exit fathered in me a vacuum

A void excruciatingly shallow

A peppered heart in palpable hollow.

Dusk till dawn, in loneliness I pine

Alone in the cold

Caged in an avalanche of seismic hold

All night Wishing… and Missing you!


©Femi Olabisi (November 2006)

    Twitter: @Femiolas

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