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Nigeria had, in the last few decades, witnessed a number of air tragedies.  Below are the facts and figures.

–       November 20, 1969: Nigeria Airways BAC VC10 crashed on landing, killing 87 people on board.

–       January 22, 1973: Royal Jordanian Airlines flight 707 carrying 171 Nigerian Muslims returning from Mecca and

        five crewmen crashed in Kano, killing all on board.

–       March 1, 1978: Nigeria Airways F28-1000 crashed in Kano, killing 16 people.

–       November 28, 1983: Nigeria Airways F28-1000 crashed near Enugu, killing 53 on board.

–       December 1988: Skypower Brandeironte aircraft overshot Ilorin Airport’s runway, killing all the


–       February 24,1991: British Helicopter crashed in Eket, Akwa Ibom State, killing all nine people on board.

–       May 21, 1991: A Cessna Citation 550 of Ashaka Cement, Hombe, crashed, killing all on board.

–       June 26, 1991: An Okada Air Bac-11 crashed in Sokoto, killing three persons.

–       September 26, 1992: Nigerian Air Force A C-130 plane crashed minutes after take-off from Lagos.  All 200 on

        board killed.

–       June 24, 1995: Harka Air Services Tupolev 34 crashed on landing in Lagos, killing 16.

–       November 13, 1995: Nigeria Airways Boeing 737-2F9 crashed on landing in Kaduna, killing 9.

–       January 17, 1996: Ibrahim Abacha, son of Sani Abacha, was killed in a plane crash. The group “United Front for

        Nigeria’s Liberation” (UFNL) claimed responsibility for the crash.

–       November 7, 1996: A Nigerian ADC (Aviation Development Corporation) Airline Boeing 727-231 flying from Port

        Harcourt to Lagos with 142 passengers and 9 crew members crashed on landing, plunging into the lagoon with

        all on board killed.

–       January 31, 1997: SkyPower Express Airways Embraer 110PIA crashed on landing in Yola, killing five.

–       September 12, 1997: NAF Dornier 228-212 in Nguru, Borno State ran into a ditch during take off, none of the 10

        people died.

–       January 5, 2000: SkyPower Express Airways Bandeirante 110P1A crashes on landing in Abuja, killing 17.

–       October 26, 2000: Dornier aircraft plunged into a thick bush near the Niger Delta, 6 occupants injured.

–       May 4, 2002: EAS Airlines’ BAC 1-11-500 with 105 people on board crashed and burst into flames in a densely

        populated suburb of Kano, killing 76 on board and 72 on the ground bringing total casualties to148.

–       November 30, 2003: A Cargo aircraft of Hydro Cargo, Brussels, Belgium, crash-landed.

–       March 6, 2004: An Aenail spray aircraft with registration number 5NBEF belonging to Berfieex Nigeria Ltd,

        crashed at the Bauchi Airport.

–       July 26, 2004: Pan African Airlines’ helicopter crashed into the Atlantic Ocean in Eacraros, Delta State, killing

        four persons on board.

–       December 29, 2004: A Boeing 727 of Chanchangi Airlines belly-landed at the MMA.

–       December 29, 2004: A Kenya Airlines aircraft crashed- landed at the MMA due to gear fault.

–       January 28, 2005: A Nigeria Air Force fighter plane crashed into a farmland in Yar Kanya, Kano State.

–       February 25, 2005: ADC’s B73 aircraft had its tyre burnt while landing at Yola Airport.

–       March 27, 2005: A Boeing 737 of Bellview had one of its engines caught fire.

–       June 11/12, 2005: Lagos: a Boeing 727-200 aircraft belonging to the domestic Chachangi Airlines overshot the

        runway at Murtala Muhammed Airport, while yet another overshot the runway at the airport in Jos in central

        Nigeria a day earlier.

–       June 24, 2005: A Russian aircraft belonging to Harka Air crash- landed at the MMA, all the people on board


–       July 6, 2005, Port Harcourt: An Air France A330 plane crashed into a herd of cattle at Port Harcourt airport,

        sustaining serious damage and killing many of the cows.

–       July 23, 2005, a Lufthansa aircraft crash-landed at Lagos airport and was badly damaged, but no life was lost.

–       October 22, 2005: A Bellview Airlines Boeing 737 with 117 people on board crashed shortly after take-off from

        Lagos. All on board killed.

–       December 10, 2005: A Sosoliso Airlines DC-9 crashes in Port Harcourt, killing all 103 on board.

–       September 17, 2006: A 18-seater Dornier 228 Air Force transport plane, carrying 15 senior army officers and

        three crew members crashed in Benue State, leaving only three survivors.

–       October 29, 2006: Aviation Development Corporation Airline Boeing 737 with 104 on board crashed minutes

        after take-off from Abuja’s airport. All but 6 perished in the disaster.

–       November 10, 2006: OAS Service Helicopter crashed in Warri, Delta state killing four on board.

–       August 2, 2007: Bristow-owned helicopter crashed inside ExxonMobil facility in Port Harcourt.

–       March 15, 2008: Beechcraft 1900D plane marked 5N-JAH, belonging to Wing Aviation crashed in Cross River

        State. The wreakage was not found until 6 months after. All four crew members died.

–       March 14, 2002: A helicopter belonging to the Joint Task Force (JTF) crashed in Kabong, Jos, killing all

        members onboard including four senior police officers.

–       May 4, 2002: Executive Airline Services (EAS) BAC-1-11-525Ft aircraft crashed at Aminu Kano International

        Airport Kano, killing 70 people.

–       December 10 2005: A Port Harcourt bound Sosoliso Airlines flight 1145 crash-landed in Port Harcourt Airport,

        killing 109 passengers including 60 students of Jesuit Loyola College Abuja.

–       October 22, 2005: A twin Engine Boeing 737, belonging to Belview Airline crashed in Lisa Village, Ogun State

        and killed all the 117 passengers on board.

–       October 29, 2006: An ADC aircraft crashed when it took off from Abuja, killing 105 people on board.

–       November 10, 2006: A six-seater helicopter belonging to Odengene Air Shuttle (OAS) crashed in Delta State

        and killed two people.

–       September 16 2006: Air Force plane crashed in Benue State killing Army generals.

–       March 15, 2008: A twin-turbo Prop 19-seater aircraft belonging to Wings Aviation Ltd crashed in Calabar while

        on a routine flight from MMA, Lagos.

–       March 8, 2011: HS-125 chartered aircraft crashed in Bauchi. No casualty.

–       July 29, 2011: A Kwara State-bound helicopter crashed in Osun State killing all on board including the

        Managing Director of Josepdam Group of Companies, Mrs. Josephine Oluwadamilola Kuteyi and her personal


–       June 3, 2012: A Abuja-Lagos Dana Air passenger flight crashed in Iju-Ishaga area of Lagos, killing all 153

        passengers on board.

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