12 Jun


Hitherto melodious were the songs

Euphorical dances greeted the many mornings

When the dews of European brigandage


Engendering new dawns of hope.


Electrifying ecstasy ushered in

Avalanches of independences

Extinguishing decades of colonial servitude.

The choruses were unanimous

The refrains sarcastic:

Africa for Africans (good riddance to colonial rubbish)



The effervescent avant-gardism

Soon succumbed to rebounding implosions:

Militocratic gluttocracy; democratic corruptocracy;

Lawless mobocracy; fractrcidal genocide…

Tear the continent into shards.


Cacophonous hues and cries substituted

The melodious tintinnabulations.

The labours of independences

The epidural pains of avowed freedom

Stayed indefinitely decades after.


Where is the independence?

Where is the freedom?

Will Africa ever know peace?

All seemed to have cascaded into nothingness.


Femi Olabisi (February 2008)

          Twitter: @ Femiolas

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