Overlord of the Federal Republic – I don’t give a damn!

28 Jun


The Overlord eyed the contingent with a look of disdain. They called themselves The Justice League, and were representatives of The People’s Parliament. They had come to serve him a warning. “Pursue justice and eschew evil; or else, the League will be forced to move against you.”

He laughed. This beggarly bunch? Made up of five men and one woman? Move against him? Did they know who he was? He rose from his throne like chair at the apex of the room and made a pronouncement, “I am the Overlord of the Federal Republic. If you think you can bamboozle me, you are sorely mistaken. I will deal ruthlessly with you, because I don’t give a damn!”

The delegation from the Justice League were taken aback. Had the Overlord taken leave of his senses? Didn’t he realize that The People’s Parliament was the highest civil authority in the land? Overlords will come…

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Posted by on June 28, 2012 in Comic


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