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NOTE:  This speech is not exhaustive and does not totally conform to the title.  This is because it was meant to be in form of advice to secondary school graduating students.


Prepare Yourself

It is important that you all know that life after secondary school creates greater challenges; you will be the architect of your own destiny.  What you do today determines your future; your actions, inactions and reactions to events around you will ultimately shape what you become in the future.

Of course, I rejoice with you that you have completed your secondary school education but you need to know that secondary education is just one of the many steps to success.  To be very successful you must aspire to secure admission to a College of Education, University or a Polytechnic.


Do That Which Is Right

Now that you are going home to await your SSCE results, it is good that you spend the free time you have doing something worthwhile.  Rather than wasting time with much attention to social networks like Facebook, 2go, Yahoo, Twitter and many other distractions, I advise you to enroll in computer training.

Computer training will be useful to you when you are trying to secure admission and even after you might have secured admission.  This is because some of the examinations you will write to get admission and after securing the admission will be computer-based.  In future you will still need computer knowledge to secure gainful employment.


Secure Admission to Higher Institution

It is essential to start preparing yourselves for entrance examinations into Universities, Colleges of Education, Polytechnics, Monotechnics, and so on.  It is good that you don’t stop reading.  Draw yourself a reading time-table.  Your reading now should focus more on JAMB-UTME past questions and Post-UTME questions of various institutions.  It is by doing this that you won’t play away your future.

More importantly, you must not be too choosy when it comes to admission.  Potential applicants often waste away at home because they want to start from the university at all cost.  It is not wrong to go to Colleges of Education or Polytechnics. 

In fact, it will prepare you better for eventual admission to the university.  Many students get rusticated or voluntarily withdraw from our universities today because they cannot cope.


Identify Your Potentials

Secondary school is a place where subjects are almost general – there is usually no clear-cut identification of what potential a child has or what he/she intends to be in future.  But this is not so in higher institutions.  You need to sit down to know what you want to be.  You can identify your potential by examining that subject that you like most in secondary school.  That will show you the part to choosing what course to study.

For instance, if you like subjects like Accounting, Economics and Mathematics in secondary school you may to go for numerate courses like Banking and Finance, Economics, Business Education, and so on, while a child that shows much interest in English and Literature  may study courses like Law, Linguistics, English, Mass Communication, among others. 

Don’t go for a course because your friend is doing it.  You may discover later that you are not made for it and it may be too late.


Avoid Peer Group Pressure

You were lucky that you attended Omolabake College where academic excellence and moral discipline are prioritized.  You were monitored every time and you were disciplined whenever you went against acceptable rules of behaviour.  But this may not be so now that you are going out.

You will mix with different set of people with different set of ideas.  It is now your duty to avoid been lured into bad behaviours and criminal tendencies.  Your basic plan should be how to get admission to institutions of higher learning in order to have s secure future.

To have a secure your future you must avoid cultism, binge-drinking and unholy dressing that shows you as a bad person.  Remember the adage that says: “evil communication corrupts good manner”. 

Remember the pain with which your parents toil day and night to clothe you, feed you and pay your school fees.  You can only make them happy by doing what is right and by being sons and daughters your parents will be proud of.

And as you go into the world, I pray that you all be positive force for your generation and I wish you success in all your endeavours.



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  1. Muhammad fausat

    July 18, 2012 at 8:25 PM

    It is true that d title does not match d body but the speech is undiluted. May God reward u for ur fatherly advice.


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