The New Wonder Bra For Women

01 Aug

While London’s busy Regent Street certainly sees a colourful cross-section of life in the capital, it is doubtful it has ever seen anything quite like this. Shoppers today were treated to the sight of 10 women striding down the street wearing blue jeans, high heels… and very little else.

The stunt was part of the promotion of InvisiBra: a new strapless, backless bra that all the women were wearing to maintain their dignity.

The bra claims to be a backless, strapless, self-adhesive bra that will lift and enhance cleavage but won’t slip off.

Models parade down London’s busy Regent Street wearing their bras to celebrate the UK launch of Lavalia’s InvisiBra

Despite of their minimal attire and the downcast weather, the girls kept a smile on their face as they posed for the waiting cameras


1. It is the clasp of the InvisiBra that makes it different, the firm says.
2. The stickiness is a special glue from Germany that regenerates itself every time it is washed.
’3. The shape of the cups for InvisiBra are unique and the way they are placed on the bosoms and then clasped together in the centre gives the wearer support and lift.
4. ‘It is the only self-adhesive bra that gives you a cleavage,’ they say.
5. Handwash only, each bra can be reused up to 200 times.
6. InvisiBras are made from medical grade silicone with fabric or lace placed over the cups.
7. Invisibra say their silicone is medically proven to be safe for the skin.

Source: The Herald

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