The “is equal to” – By Yinka Odumakin

10 Sep

NOTE: This heartrending piece, detailing how Nigeria got to this shamelessly sordid situation – as driven to the precipice by prebendal and satanic leaders of yesterday and today – was ‘borrowed’ from from a Facebook page. 


My favourite Ijesa comedian is Baba Gebu who always ask: ati oke ati isale joined together kini is equal to?

The “is equal to” of this all is that we have erected a society on the foundation of injustice, inequity, and fraud. We have broken all the rules of success and we want to succeed. No way.

My late elderly friend Commodore Francis Ademoroti told me how he was to go to Harvard on scholarship in 1962 and the then Education Minister swapped his place for his kinsman not as brilliant him.

The late Ooni of Ife,Oba Adesoji Aderemi who was an Uncle to Ademoroti asked one of his chiefs to to follow him to the US consulate to lay a complaint.

The Ambassador saw merit in the petition and personally followed them to the minister’s office.

After listening to the envoy our minister responded that Nigeria was an independent country that takes no dictate from anybody.

The Ambassador got up and left but left some warning thus:this is August 1962.You guys are not even 2 years and you have started this way,great nations are not built on fraud”.

Ademoroti found other way to pursue his education and ended up in the Navy. He was outstanding in Royal Naval College. Bode George was his course-mate and he told me how the fellow copied the thesis of a Singaporean officer called Lai.

At the Staff College in Kaduna, Ademoroti had the best thesis while Bode George was caught with “green”. The rule stipulates expulsion but because he was doing some service for Aikhomu and co, he was shielded from the law.

In a society where the cream does not make it to the top, Ebitu Ukiwe noticed Ademoroti and appointed him his PSO when he became Chief of General Staff. One day he took Ademoroti before his boss and was commending his brilliance to the C-in-C who shockingly retorted “and who says we need brains here?”.

Ademoroti was retired a few months later and died in frustration about 2 years ago.

Bode George was promoted by the crooked system. He became governor in Ondo state and cleaned up the place. He later became PDP enforcer and NPA chairman, the rest is recent history.

So we can trace how we got here!



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