Always Prodigal!

17 Oct


It beats me why our leaders are so prodigious and have penchant for being in the news for the bad reasons.

The Minister of Aviation, Ms Stella Oduah, used public money to buy two cars at N255,000,000 (two hundred and fifty-five million naira), yet she cries her ministry lacks the money to make our airspace safer.

The First Lady junketed to a South Korean university to receive Honorary doctorate, yet varsities in Nigeria have been on forced holiday for close to four months.  The same applies to our polytechnics too.

Our ‘honourable’ Parliamentarians each earn an average of  N29,000,000 (twenty-nine million naira) monthly in salary and allowances for doing nothing, whereas minimum wage of a REAL government worker in Nigeria is N18,000 (eighteen thousand naira).

Huge budgets are allocated for roads, education, health, electricity, water, etc. each year, whereas none has had visibly commensurable improvement for years.

Minister of Finance claims Nigeria economy is improving, yet that the poor are getting poorer.  It seems development in papers is more important to the government than real and visible improvement.

An average Nigerian depends on personal power generators for electrify, personal bore-hole or well for water, private security at home and offices, needs to visit mechanics regularly for care repairs because of bad roads, etc.

Being prodigious while lamenting dearth of funds is unveiled madness; getting celebrated abroad for what you lack at home is unconscionable.


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