Russia Aggression In Ukraine

03 Mar

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Russia has always been the country lambasting United States and its allies of aggression and violation of territorial sovereignty of other nations. President Putin vehemently rejected united States’s proposed military intervention in Syria, even when President Assad used medical weapon on his people.

Events unfolding in the Ukraine’s Crimea region have shown that Russia’s motivation to oppose use force in Syria was not to respect territorial sovereignty. Same Russia is now illegally occupying Ukraine.

Russia is violating all laws, agreements and conventions by invading Ukraine on the pretext of protecting Russians in Ukraine.

Ukrainians have every right, as they did through demonstrations, to get rid of corrupt and ineffective president. President Yanukovyc supervised the massacre of snipers killing 88 protesters; he must go.

Ukraine scenario exposed Putin’s Russia for what it is. Same Russia flexed its military might by invading Georgia in 2008.

Ukraine trusted Russia. It destroyed its stockpile of nuclear weapons when Russia promised to respect its sovereignty.

Now is time for Russia to respect that agreement by withdrawing its military from the Crimean Peninsula. It is time for Russia to let go of all appendages of Soviet Union; that Union is dead and buried and break-up states should be allowed to decide where their allegiance should lie.

Putin is afraid of freedom and opposing views. Oppositions members are randomly jailed in Russian as public demonstration is a crime.

Occupation of Ukraine is nothing but a way of preventing similar popular demonstrations in Russia.

Putin is very afraid!

Writer, Femi Olabisi, twits @Femiolas

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Posted by on March 3, 2014 in Opinion


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