Nigeria A Police State?

30 Apr

20140430-100545 pm.jpg

The arrest of musical artist, Ahmed Audi Zarewa, by the SSS, because he recorded a version of the Hausa folk song titled “Zuwan Mai Malfa Kano” is barbaric and a flagrant violation of freedom of speech and human rights. The song was a protest of the insensitivity of President Jonathan.

The President visited the Northern city of Kano shortly after the horrific Nyanya bombing in Abuja and went singing and dancing with joy the very morning that more than 200 teenage girls were kidnapped from a high school in Chibok, Borno State.

The arrest and detention of another young Nigerian (@ciaxon) by SSS because he twitted live pictures/update of Boko Haram jailbreak at SSS headquarters in Abuja some weeks back is still fresh.

Is Nigeria becoming a Police State?

Are back in the Abacha era?

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