08 Aug

I have not commented on Ebola since its outbreak in Nigeria but a post I saw just now on a Facebook page calls for a need by the Government to issue warning to fake spiritualists, particularly some unscrupulous Nigerian Pastors, Imams, Babalawos, etc. who are capitalising and trivialising this serious epidemic.

The owner of the Facebook page claimed God revealed the cure to Ebola to him yesternignt and asked that people should contact him for cure. He even gave out three phone numbers for contacting him.

I know this individual very well as he was once under my tutelage (Note: I am not a Pastor, or Imam or a Babalawo). I knew him for almost three years. I cannot vouch for his conducts, even during that period.

I was to later see him on Facebook claiming to be a Pastor. Suffice to add that my little knowledge of the Bible and Christian doctrine does not portray him to be what he claims.

I see this individual, and other opportunists like him, preying on gullibilities of Nigerians and their fear of the unknown. No thanks to our Government who have always abdicated its responsibility of proper public enlightenment.

It is time to stop this ‘Business Centres’ who use the name of God to deceive hapless Nigerians.


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