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My Rubicon – by Femi Olabisi

‘To be, or not to be’ was my thought
Months of divided dilly-dallying
Of wishing, and rejection
Of what lies beyond the present
Clouded my thought

My resolve was, as steel
Strong, as a crude diamond
At least, that was my stance
My story changed,
The steeling resolve liquesced

It happened, eventually
And now, in my moments
Reliving what can’t be undone
I sojourned between twin thoughts
Was it right, was it wrong?

Time will tell of my action
Tomorrow will adjudicate.
Now I wait, awaiting,
Banking of hope
Hope all will be well

Was it the flesh, or fate
Or a random failing?
I have crossed the Rubicon
I sailed untested waters.
Time will tell, and deliver the verdicts.

© Femi Olabisi (September 13, 2014)

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Irresponsible Blogging!

Idiocy reigns supreme among some jobless bloggers in Nigerian. The headline of a popular Blog states that Lt. Col. Adegoye Obasanjo (son of Ex-President Obasanjo) was killed by Boko Haram in Baza, while actual content of the blog says he was only wounded (which is the real story).

That is irresponsibly blogging. It is a basest attending seeking and crowd sourcing tactics. Simply plebeian and ignobly foolish.

20140908-093932 pm-77972551.jpg

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Making Sense Of PM Cameron’s Anti-Terror Measures

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These is a sense in the proposal by UK Prime Minister David Cameron on barring people who hold dual citizenship of UK and some hot-bed Middle East countries from travelling to and/or returning to UK if they travel to their ‘second home’ and suspected of being radicalised.

His fear his real. Protecting his country should be paramount.

Many have travelled to Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc. and have become terrorists. The man that beheaded the American journalist, James Foley, has a clear British accent. There are thousands of others from United States and Europe fighting for the dreaded Islamic State (ISIS), Al-Shabaab, Al-Queda, and other.

Western countries have always opened their borders to these people. Many have used the opportunity to import terror after travelling ‘home’.

Western countries should do all in their power to protect their ‘original’ citizens. Many are allowed as refuges and for humanitarian reasons. And many have used the opportunity to bite the fingers that feed them.

You cannot be my tenant and constitute danger to me in my house.

Enough is enough.

Femi Olabisi Twits @Femiolas

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