My Rubicon – by Femi Olabisi

13 Sep

‘To be, or not to be’ was my thought
Months of divided dilly-dallying
Of wishing, and rejection
Of what lies beyond the present
Clouded my thought

My resolve was, as steel
Strong, as a crude diamond
At least, that was my stance
My story changed,
The steeling resolve liquesced

It happened, eventually
And now, in my moments
Reliving what can’t be undone
I sojourned between twin thoughts
Was it right, was it wrong?

Time will tell of my action
Tomorrow will adjudicate.
Now I wait, awaiting,
Banking of hope
Hope all will be well

Was it the flesh, or fate
Or a random failing?
I have crossed the Rubicon
I sailed untested waters.
Time will tell, and deliver the verdicts.

© Femi Olabisi (September 13, 2014)

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Posted by on Sep 13, 2014 in Poem, Poetry, True Life


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