Moronic Police Officer

29 Dec

One idiot, a compound idiot with imbecilic mind and moronic taste in English grammar decided to abuse me. And he is a police officer.

My crime? I sent him a private message to stop adding me to Facebook Groups. He added me to 5 Groups within 24hrs. I checked out these groups. They communicate in Hausa language. I don’t speak Hausa.

And I asked him to stop adding me to Groups. Instead of doing so, he resulted to abuse.

Here is my message: ‘Stop adding me to Groups on Facebook without my consent’

Here is his response: “Mtsw, if i add you in the group why you no go leave group? Are you only a important person who i was added in the group? What kind of help have you give to our groups? How many peoples knows you in the group? Who are you? You dont have any important in our group, we self we dont want kind of you people in our group, we are All a housa mens and we are muslims, please who are you? And you are warning me? Just block me,unfriend, if you will not i will do”

This character is unfit to be a police office if he can’t understand basic principles of privacy and consent and converse in simple English.

How did he graduate from the Police College?

This, and others like him, are the people making the Nigeria Police to be irredeemably lost in the quagmire of infamy.

Of course, I obliged him and blocked him ASAP. I’ve no patience for unwarranted insolence.


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