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We have only had electricity supply twice in my area in 2015.

1st Time: January 2 ( for about 7 hours)
2nd Time: January 4 (for about 1 hour)

It has been 100% darkness since then.

I returned home today to see electricity bill from PHCN/IBEDC. For what? I’m naturally infuriated. Calls, visits and entreaties to them for electricity supply were to no avail.

They do not care.

At least we had electricity supply that hovered around 40% in 2014 (one-day-on, one-day-off — our ‘on day’ was never for 24 hours).

We were forced to pay; and we gladly pay fully for abnormal services in 2014.

Now we are expected to pay for 100% darkness in 2015.

Where is the government and the regulating agencies?

The government told us better days lie ahead of electricity privatization. Now we pay for nothing because they are the secret buyers.

Are we going to continue this way?


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One cannot but marvel at the speed with which the French authority and security agencies hunted down and killed religious fundamentalists that killed 12 people in the premises of the French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo yesterday and held many others hostage today.

It was a job well done.

This was the same way Boston Marathon bombers in United States were hunted down in April 2013.

That is the standard in societies where governments value the lives of its citizens.

The governments in both instances have the will, and provide the means for security agencies to function optimally.

Whereas, Boko Haram kill Nigerians everyday. And instead of the will and the means to exterminate this evil, rhetoric is what we get from our government.

It is time to rethink our support for government that cannot protect us from terrorists, kidnappers, armed robbers, etc.; government that cannot give us the means to live life of fulfillment, enjoyment and satisfaction; government that is more concerned with living fat on our commonwealth.

Enough is enough!


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