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Whoever wins March 28, 2015 presidential election in Nigeria is in for unpalatable tasks. Economy is in shambles. Nigeria Naira is useless. Oil price is plummeting. Politicians and government officials have either stolen or squandered our commonwealth.

If APC Buhari wins he will surely find it difficult to survive; promises of change, of goods times, of fighting corruption, etc. will be difficult to implement. Buhari cannot change anything and engender good times for Nigerians without money, cannot fight corruption without stepping on toes of his benefactors in APC. Many (or most) of them are not saints where corruption is concerned.

If PDP President Jonathan wins Nigerians will be in for further turbulence. Unlike the last six years, there will be less to steal and with the caliber of characters in his campaign and government, nothing will change. A president that clothes himself people who have either been indicted or facing corruption charges cannot offer anything good.

A Commander-in-Chief who employs known militants to police oil pipelines has lost his ways. What is the job of the navy and other security agencies? Giving out billions of Naira to Niger-Delta militants and Odua Peoples Congress (OPC) is nauseating. What stops Boko-Haram from demanding same?

Nigeria should not keep their hopes too high, even if Muhammadu Buhari wins.

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