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I have, on many occasions, had to deal with unenviable task of advising young ladies who were trapped in ‘I Must Marry You’ and ‘You Must Marry Me’ problem.
These are ladies that are being compelled against their hearts to marry men they don’t know, or love or having feelings for.

While it is not impossible to encounter few foolish men who still live in the Stone Age where such practices were rife and acceptable, what I find nauseating is when the parent (most times the father) is the one forcing his daughter to marry a man of his own choice. 

Interest of the lady concerned is immaterial.

Often times, these young girls (like the current one) is too young (less than 20yrs) and still going to school. 

And like others, the father has threatened to stop the payment of her school fees and upkeeps if she refuses. The mother has no choice either — she grudgingly agrees with the father.
That’s where my dilemma starts.

I’ve always advised them to use every means possible (not violence) to disobey such inhuman and phallocentric command, but what do I tell a young lady whose dreams and means of livelihood will end if she disobeys. 

I need your advice to advise this young lady.


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Ondo State Government  website ( has been hacked by a hacker named AlFeRoX. 

I logged into the site in search of an information. What I got was a message from the hacker and a YouTube video of a young boy being treated for an injury. 

The YouTube video was heralded with a Arabic message. I didn’t know the meaning though.

Below is the English message:

“People Should not be afraid of there government.

Government Should be afraid of there people”.


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I read Segun Abioye’s umbrage about the kind of Nollywood movies shown on DSTV. It reminded me of the one I accidentally watched on Saturday.

The storyline was poor and the plot unrealistic.

We were taught in drama class in the university that movies should have elements of verisimilitude (truth-likeness), since they are meant to portray human experience. A departure from this is the ‘Theatre of Absurd’ where this can be jettisoned for a purpose.

Nollywood movies will celebrate the mundane and emphasize the irrelevant and the impossible.

Worse still, you can tell the middle and the end of most Nollywood movies from the beginning; hence the absence of suspense which is the hallmark of movies in the first place.

Nollywood needs to up its game if it wants to appeal to all class and remain relevant.


I don’t watch Nollywwod movies (except those by Mainframe and those recommended by friends). 

Not that I’m not a patriotic Nigerian, but I can’t stomach its many avoidable inanities.

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I sent a very important and urgent email to a government agency on Wednesday last week. I sent the email because the phone number listed on its website was not functioning. 

I was happy when I received immediate response that read: Thank you, we will get back to you soonest.

I never knew it was an automated responder. 

I sent another email (a reminder) just now only to get the same response. No salutation, no subscription, no complimentary close… Nothing. It was robotic.

With the immediacy of the response and the ‘word for word’ response, it dawned on me that it was an automated response.

I’ve always got immediate human response and assistance for all email and phone communications with private and public offices abroad. Same is not happening in my country.

What if the email is about somebody’s life on the line?

Why can’t Nigeria government agencies act normal for once?

Why list an email on the website when nobody is assigned to monitor it?

Is this normal?


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