18 May

I read Segun Abioye’s umbrage about the kind of Nollywood movies shown on DSTV. It reminded me of the one I accidentally watched on Saturday.

The storyline was poor and the plot unrealistic.

We were taught in drama class in the university that movies should have elements of verisimilitude (truth-likeness), since they are meant to portray human experience. A departure from this is the ‘Theatre of Absurd’ where this can be jettisoned for a purpose.

Nollywood movies will celebrate the mundane and emphasize the irrelevant and the impossible.

Worse still, you can tell the middle and the end of most Nollywood movies from the beginning; hence the absence of suspense which is the hallmark of movies in the first place.

Nollywood needs to up its game if it wants to appeal to all class and remain relevant.


I don’t watch Nollywwod movies (except those by Mainframe and those recommended by friends). 

Not that I’m not a patriotic Nigerian, but I can’t stomach its many avoidable inanities.

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Posted by on May 18, 2015 in Opinion


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