20 May

I have, on many occasions, had to deal with unenviable task of advising young ladies who were trapped in ‘I Must Marry You’ and ‘You Must Marry Me’ problem.
These are ladies that are being compelled against their hearts to marry men they don’t know, or love or having feelings for.

While it is not impossible to encounter few foolish men who still live in the Stone Age where such practices were rife and acceptable, what I find nauseating is when the parent (most times the father) is the one forcing his daughter to marry a man of his own choice. 

Interest of the lady concerned is immaterial.

Often times, these young girls (like the current one) is too young (less than 20yrs) and still going to school. 

And like others, the father has threatened to stop the payment of her school fees and upkeeps if she refuses. The mother has no choice either — she grudgingly agrees with the father.
That’s where my dilemma starts.

I’ve always advised them to use every means possible (not violence) to disobey such inhuman and phallocentric command, but what do I tell a young lady whose dreams and means of livelihood will end if she disobeys. 

I need your advice to advise this young lady.


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Posted by on May 20, 2015 in Opinion


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