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My short advice goes to my potential scammers – known and unknown.

I am scammable. And willing to be scammed. But you need to put in extra efforts. I am human you know – fallible and potential victim; but you need to up your game and fortify your scamming arsenal.

I know you are fake and jobless.

You are a deluded and ubiquitous Facebooker/Email Scammer. You always write that you like my Facebook profile and always want to be my friend. But please first brush up your knowledge of English grammar.

You are always and/or most times female with beautiful pictures (on Facebook). On email, you are usually the daughter of late Muamar Gadaffi, or son or daughter of former dictators in war ravaged African countries. Or a male with juicy offers (too good to be true). 

Sincerely, I’m not angry with you. I don’t even take your diarrheic messages serious. 

Your only offence is your bad grammar.  

It is bad enough that I spend precious time deleting your gibberish and headache-inducing messages, or read them (just to know your latest con story and how your petty mind works), but it is unforgivable to flood my being with uneducated English.  

In fact, I’m ripe to be scammed and already considering giving in to phone scammers.  


Phone scammers talk to me with the best of Queen’s English, and usually with sobriquets like Reverends, Elders, Pastors, Alfas – except when they come in the form of a Babalawo with croaking voice. 

Please be informed that I like good English grammar and you can only succeed if you jettison you unEnglish English in your future scam emails and messages. 

Please do me (and yourself) a favour with good English and I may just allow you to succeed with me. 

Thank you.
I’m on Twitter @Femiolas

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They Divide Us With Politics, Religion — Femi Olabisi

It baffles me how quickly normal national issues in Nigeria degenerate into ethnic, regional, religious and political bickering. North v South, Yoruba v Igbo, Hausa v Igbo, Christianity v Islam, PDP v APC, etc.

Sadly, these bickering are mostly handiworks of the poor majority who ought to unite against the political class who put us all in socio-political and economic quagmire. We fight ourselves; they laugh behind us.

Political elite don’t actually fight themselves. Occasional media war we often hear is to perpetuate themselves in power, and perpetually make us poorer than yesterday.

And until we are united, jettison needless infightings, and until we forge a common front and confront our common enemies (the political elite) Nigeria and Nigerians will not move forward. We create needless implosion, leave what is necessary and dissipate our energies on the mundane.

They don’t take us seriously. We don’t even give them migraine.

We divide ourselves on ethic, regional, political and religious lines, whereas the political elite don’t have such boundaries among themselves. You don’t need a research to know that.

They align and realign. Same poeple, same story. 

It is time to wake up.

Let’s have a single voice. Let’s forget our political and religious affiliations, and those of political leaders. Let’s demand good governance.

They don’t sing religion or ethnicity or politics to embezzle.

They don’t ask for party certificate to award inflated contracts to themselves — contracts that will be abandoned later. They are united against us, at all fronts.

It is time for us to be united also, and with a common voice.
Femi Olabisi is on Twitter: @Femiolas 

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Every Nigerian pays N625 ‘Fixed Charge’ monthly to power distribution companies.

It is included in the bill every electricity consumers pay. And you get to pay it, even when you don’t get power for the original bill. 

You pay it whether you use prepaid metre, analog metre or you are on fixed consumption billing.

Our government knows this, and allows it.

Ironically, many Nigerians don’t even know they are being ripped off by private companies (aided by the government).

I believe the government allows this because these companies are owned by them (those in power).

Can these companies pay salary, allowances, etc. to somebody who is not working for them?

That’s what best described the issue of ‘Fixed Charge’ Nigerians pay.

Every Nigeria should say NO to this official robbery!



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