They Divide Us With Politics, Religion — Femi Olabisi

21 Jun

It baffles me how quickly normal national issues in Nigeria degenerate into ethnic, regional, religious and political bickering. North v South, Yoruba v Igbo, Hausa v Igbo, Christianity v Islam, PDP v APC, etc.

Sadly, these bickering are mostly handiworks of the poor majority who ought to unite against the political class who put us all in socio-political and economic quagmire. We fight ourselves; they laugh behind us.

Political elite don’t actually fight themselves. Occasional media war we often hear is to perpetuate themselves in power, and perpetually make us poorer than yesterday.

And until we are united, jettison needless infightings, and until we forge a common front and confront our common enemies (the political elite) Nigeria and Nigerians will not move forward. We create needless implosion, leave what is necessary and dissipate our energies on the mundane.

They don’t take us seriously. We don’t even give them migraine.

We divide ourselves on ethic, regional, political and religious lines, whereas the political elite don’t have such boundaries among themselves. You don’t need a research to know that.

They align and realign. Same poeple, same story. 

It is time to wake up.

Let’s have a single voice. Let’s forget our political and religious affiliations, and those of political leaders. Let’s demand good governance.

They don’t sing religion or ethnicity or politics to embezzle.

They don’t ask for party certificate to award inflated contracts to themselves — contracts that will be abandoned later. They are united against us, at all fronts.

It is time for us to be united also, and with a common voice.
Femi Olabisi is on Twitter: @Femiolas 

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