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  I started reading Suraj Tunji Oyewale’s book ‘The Road to Victoria Island’ yesterday. I promised myself to do a review after completion. 

But by the time I was midway through the book, I had resolved to endorse and recommend it on my blog, Twitter handle, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn. It would be a service to humanity.

The compendium is too good and too brilliant to be savoured alone. That would be selfish.

I command thousands of followers (mostly students and young graduates) on the social media, and believed my treatise on the book, vis a vis recommendation and outlining Suraj’s brilliant ideas would go a long way in assisting many. 

That was my plan.

Then, after finishing the book today, it dawned on me that these young minds, my envisaged recipients on the social media, may not bother to read my sermon on the book. Reason: we live in a society where reading is fast becoming a taboo. And it they cannot spare five minutes to read my review, what will motivate them to read a book of 222 pages?

I spent around seven hours to read the book. It wasn’t that I had nothing to do, but I was compelled to continue reading because of the fascinating contents. I planned to spend the Eid-Fitr holiday to sleep, junket around a little and watch movies. But ‘The Road to Victoria Island’ gave me what my initial itineraries cannot do.

However, I disagree with the author on one conclusion. 

He subtly hinted that the book is meant for undergraduates and young graduates. This is not so. I’ve been in the labour market for close to ten years and I still find numerous ideas that are quite useful in my present office life in my forward journey to Victoria Island and beyond. 

In essence, it is a book for all aspiring to be something. And for those who are already something but desire to reach the zenith of their success.

Except you’re a Dangote or Zuckerberg, it is a book that you must read. You will be doing yourself a favour. I wish I had come across this earlier. But it is never too late. I gained so much.

The author’s employment of simple, conversational everyday English, humour (and pidgin) makes the reading enjoyable. 

It is irresistible!

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  It will be unfair and abdication of truth to label Gov. Aregbesola of Osun State as non-performing and Osun State as never progressing. Objectivity should be the basis of assessment; not partly loyalty and unconscionable scapegoating. I write because of falsehood being peddled and because some taunted me when I outlined my perceived shortcomings of APC administration.   

Some on the social media erroneously see me as a card-carrying member of APC and that lampooning President Buhari or Governor Aregbesola whenever I see something wrong is a testament to my desire to switch party. Yes, I voted for President Buhari and would have voted for Governor Aregbesola if I was in Osun State during the election. But I don’t care about party when I write. I voted for ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo of PDP in his first term (my last vote till 2015) and I condemned ex-President Jonathan every time I was unhappy with any of his policies.

It is no longer news that Osun State owes its civil servants, and granted that the governor bit more than he can chew by embarking on more projects than the capacity of accruing revenue, but the governor at least have something to show for the State’s insovency. I am sure the people of Osogbo (Osun Capital City), and those who see beyond party affiliations will attest to his performance, as compared to other states in the federation.

It is equally important to note that a State that pays around N3.6Billion monthly as salary and whose monthly federal allocation dropped from N4.6Billion to N1.3Billion will be totally handicapped. Governor RAuf Aregbesola’s undoing is that he overstretched the State.  Like many others, he went on spending spree with no succour for the rainy day. Aregbesola’s naivety is a generic problem to the whole of Nigeria. 

Osun State financial predicament is a microcosm of the fiscal quagmire of the entire nation. And thanks to Pres. Buhari who graciously provided succour for these hapless civil servants in many states of the Federation.

Oil prices fell, and Nigeria at the same time lost big oil customers like United States. It is just logical that Nigeria’s revenue will drop since we run a monolithic economy. Further lost of revenue lies ahead as Iran (one of the major oil producers) is set to re-enter the oil market if it eventually unburden itself of Western economic sanctions. 

It is high time we all braced ourselves for what lies ahead. If we are not careful, what played out in Osun and some other states may just become a common feature.

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1. Adultery‬ legalized in South Africa by the Constitutional Court.
2. Gay Marriage‬ legalized by the U.S. Supreme Court.
3. Germany‬’s National Ethics Council called for an end to the criminalisation of incest between siblings after examining the case of a man who had four children with his sister.

4. Japanese‬ court ruled that “Adultery” is acceptable if it is for business purpose.
My Take: Which country will first consummate, and/or legalise Human to Animal Marriage?

NB: Culled from a post on Omo Bee’s Facebook wall.

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