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Yesterday was our ‘OFF’ day – according to the gospel of IBEDC/PHCN. We didn’t expect power. And we didn’t get light.

Today is our ‘ON’ day. We expected power. Except that it is now 10:17pm. And almighty IBEDC/PHCN conveniently forgot we exist.

By design, we won’t have power tomorrow because it is our ‘off’ day. And by default, we would have spent 72 hours without electricity. I need not mention the economic cost associated with it.


IBEDC/PHCN always remember we exist, for monthly electricity billing. With usual monthly increment.

For nothing.

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OAU: Airtel Donates Equipment and Data to Support EEE Initiatives

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1. American International School, Lagos – N5.7m

2. British International School – N5.22m

3. American International School, Abuja – N4.5m

4. Grange High School, Lagos – N4.45m

5. Lekki British International High School, Lagos – N4m

6. Meadow Hall, Lagos – N3m

7. Norwegian International School, Port Harcourt – N1,863,750

8. Dowen College, Lekki, Lagos – N2m

9. Regent School, Maitama, Abuja – N1.35m

10. Bloombreed High School, Port Harcourt – N1.5 million

11. Nigerian Turkish International College, Abuja (N1.6 million

12. International Community School, Abuja – N1.9 million

13. Charles Dale Memorial International School, Port Harcourt – N2,040,000

14. Chrisland College, Ikeja – N2 million

15 Atlantic Hall, Epe, Lagos – N2.27 million

16. Corona Secondary School, Agbara, Ogun State – N2.55 million

17. Hillcrest School, Jos – N2.65m

18. Loyola Jesuit, Abuja – N2.8m

19. Greensprings School, Lagos – N3.185 million

20. Whiteplains British School, Abuja – N3.6m

21. Day Waterman College, Abeokuta – N3.7m

22. International Community School, Abuja – N1.9 million


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Buffon: name of Juventus goalkeeper. Buffon: a person who does silly but amusing things (dictionary meaning).

Doom: name of a Nigerian from Plateau State (I met the individual in a JAMB Technical Committee Meeting in Kaduna in 2008 or 2009).
Doom: death or destruction; a terrible event that you can’t avoid (dictionary meaning). 


Be mindful of the language, culture and idiosyncrasies of any new place you’re visiting to avoid making costly mistakes.


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A particular OSBC newscaster pronounces ‘ANTI’ as /an-tahy/ every time. This is American English pronunciation.

Whereas, the British English – which is official in Nigeria – pronounces ‘ANTI’ as /an-tee/.

Is it that he and his news producers don’t know the difference? Or deliberate Americanisation?

Adherence to standard rule is essential. 

It is good for every news outfit to own copies of English Pronouncing Dictionary (EPD) – a short of Bible of English Language pronunciation – and to also do once-in-a-while tutorials on pronunciation.

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A former Local Government Secretary and also the immediate past Special Adviser to a governor in a South-West state, Nigeria was interviewed on a radio programme last week. To my chagrin, the individual pronounced ‘ATTORNEY’ as ‘ANTHONY’.

He made the mistake several times. 

The two words are pronounced as follow:

ATTORNEY /uh-tur-nee/ — Note the initial sound /UH/.

ANTHONY /an-tuh-nee/ — Note the initial sound /AN/.

For the records, Dr. Farouk Kperogi – a U.S.-based lecturer and communication expert – had in the past written on how Nigerians easily mixup the two words in pronunciation, but I had thought it should be a problem with the unlettered only.

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