12 Oct

“Petrol was sold at N57 at Alfa Rawane Ikoyi NNPC this morning”. –Segun Abioye

Whether true or not, the above is just like the almost uninterrupted power supply being enjoyed in cities like Lagos, Ibadan and Abuja, while the unfortunate ones get so little or nothing.

It seems big cities are the only beneficiaries of the Change Mantra. 

I bought petrol at N100 per litre in Offa on Saturday. 

And power here is almost nil, whereas big cities enjoy it. My ‘one-day-on, one-day-off’ power is even worse now. We may not get it at all on our ‘on day’.

Apostles of Change Mantra should please pocket there ‘don’t worry, it would soon be your turn’. I (or do I say we?) equally deserve better, and not unpalatable sermoning.

I’m equally an apostle of Change – do not bother to proselytise to the converted.

Femi Olabisi is on Twitter @Femiolas

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Posted by on October 12, 2015 in Opinion


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