10 Nov

I dreamt overnight. 

In my dream a secondary school friend learnt of the death of one of my former secondary school principals and wanted me to write to his family, detailing how he maltreated me. (NOTE: I attended 4 secondary schools and 4 primary schools. Reason is I was expelled so many times because I was a certified truant, even in primary schools).

In my dream, the friend wanted me to apprise the whole world how the former principal maltreated’ and expelled me. I agreed in my dream. 
But when I woke up, I reminisced about my primary and secondary school days. Then it dawned on me that I couldn’t have attended all these schools if I was a good student.

This dream got me thinking further that I could have been a roadside mechanic, tailor or doing any other menial job today if not for the grace of God. Only few did what I did and still went on to be where I am today.

I thank all my teachers who bear with my youthful restlessness. I wish I could see them all today to beg them for my wrongdoings and appreciate them all – I’ve made peace with a few in the last few years.

I especially appreciate my late mother who never gave up on me. Everybody gave up at a point, but she never gave up. She cried so much because of me, and she was always willing to pay for another school (she even paid multiple times for a single school term at different times – I was in the habit of spending my school fees and I won’t go to school if the money was paid directly).

She refused to abandon me. She kept fate. 

Her troubles eased when I got admitted to Obafemi Awolowo University in year 2000. Brothers, uncles, and families came back. They all saw a transformed me. They all ensured I didn’t lack anything in the university. 

Only one person believed I cannot change. He never believed I was in the university until I graduated. I can’t blame him; I was really bad.

I am most grateful to God for my eventual transformation and the knowledge. While I was always absent or under suspension, my position was never beyond 3rd in all examinations. Everybody knew me for two things in all primary and secondary schools I went to – I was always in trouble, and I was good academically.

(But my ungainly early years had negative effect in my university days. While I wasn’t a pullover, my mismanaged academic prowess in early years didn’t recover.)

My dream was wrong, but it opened my eyes to my youthful restlessness. I will one day write a book about my younger days. Many will find it very unreal.

I am indebted to God, my late mother and family. And the principal in my dreams actually deserves a ‘thank you, sir’.

NOTE: This is not a fiction.

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