20 Nov

Does God exist? Yes, He exists to me (and that is a personal thing). 

Does God exist scientifically (and academically)? That’s a different ball game. 

Science (in the academe) operates on what’s empirical; whereas belief in God is a matter of faith – you can’t see God (though some claimed to have seen God, and that too is a matter of faith).

I made this clarification because of an encounter last week. 

An individual told me some believe I’m an atheist. Their conclusion emanated from academic encounters (I still lecture, part-time) where I have always concluded that the existence of God is a matter of faith and that His existence is, at times, difficult to prove.

Interestingly, I’m a product of the two dominant religions in Nigeria. My father is a head in a Christian denomination, and my mother was a Muslim until her death in March last year. 

I’m a Christian today but I went to Quranic school and I have Islamic name (just like every other children in my polygamous background).

One of my similar conclusions, which equally make some to conclude that I don’t believe in God, is that the many hydra-headed socio-economic and political quagmires Nigeria is in today is a function of us claiming to be Catholic than the Pope. I believed our litany of woes is further compounded by religiosity.

It is easy to accept nonsense when you are blinded by religion, and when you conclude that you must not fight for yourself and that only God can fight for you. We genuflect to thieving politicians when they build mere culvert with public money, and pay obeisance to Pastors and Imams when all they care about is our money.

The advocates of excessive meekness forget that Prophet Muhammad fought for survival and that Israelites fought many wars to survive. And they forget that original owners of Islam and Christianity (Arabs and the West) don’t allow religion to blind them to what is an abnormality.

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