12 Dec

Nigeria’s biggest problem lies not in kleptomaniac leaderships.

The real problem lies in multiple of followers who blindly defend humongous atrocities of these leaders, even when their lampoonable stealings of their principals are no longer defendable. And when there is irrefutable evidence to nail them. 

It is unbelievable that some Nigerians – because of consanguinity; shared relationships precipitated by political party affiliations, ethnicity, etc – still celebrate their stealing Lords of the manors, despite revelations of heartless massacre of our commonwealth. 

Some army of PDP foot soldiers and ethnic irredentists have, in the last few days, invaded the Internet, rationalising the historic stealing of our money under President Jonathan. They see nothing wrong in it.
It would seem some have atrophied brains. It is such an antediluvian mentality that keeps us in perpetual reverse motion.

Some loyalists and scrub eaters have jettisoned common-sense (in reality, common-sense is not common): forgetting that there should be fine lines – defined demarcations between loyalty and descent into the comity of idiots. Only associated fools should see nothing wrong in defending a lost cause.

Former NSA, Col. Sambo Dasuki (rtd), the principal distributor of stolen billion of dollars came clean. He named his accomplices. And some of the said accomplices have equally turn to singers, with futile rationalisation of their culpabilities in one of the greatest malfeasance of the century. Yet, their irredeemable praise-singers accelerated their defence.

(The accused pleaded guilty; yet the lawyer insist his client is not guilty. Isn’t that insane?)

Only a mad thief will plead not guilty to the judge by citing previous stealing and envisaged stealing of others thieves (both senior and baby thieves) to escape the slammer. It is not done that way.

Nobody asked President Jonathan to supervise stealing. Nobody handicapped him from probing his predecessors. Nobody told his lieutenants to be yam eaters.

Crimes have been committed. The guilty shall dance naked in the marketplace.

In fact, it will be a thing of joy if another new party (not PDP. The party is irredeemable) won the next or subsequent elections, so the current ruling APC can be probed.

Femi Olabis is on Twitter: @Femiolas. He blogs at

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