28 Dec

Earlier in the year, I re-christened Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) and Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC). At their reverse rebirth, I attached negative inflection to the last letters of their names (initials):

PHCN = PHCNonsense


My conclusion was precipitated by daylight robbery of power consumers in my areas, vis a vis, almost total blackout for which we were compelled to pay outrageous power bill. Even when we had none.

But, our story is changing, for the better.

Here, we have spent about a week now with power supply everyday. And while the supply is not regular and while we’ve not had it for 24 hours running, the changes we have now are significant.

Our two power generators have not worked for three days. This is a big economic relief.

And while the lingering ‘mandated’ contribution for installation of new power transformer I mentioned in ‘A MIRACLE…’ ( ) is still imminent, this improvement is a welcome development.

I will, for now, refrain from using ‘Nonsense’ and ‘Cheat’ to refer to them. But, I reserve the right to revert if the improvement becomes stagnant and/or degenerates.

I hope this lasts. I hope it continues. I hope it improves.

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