14 Jan

I read an interview on CNN by the United States Vice President, Joe Biden, in which he revealed that he –and his wife – proposed selling their house for the money needed to care for the family of his ailing son, Beau Biden. And how President Obama prevailed on him not to sell the house, with a promise to help them financially. 

Mr. Beau Biden, a two term attorney general of Delaware, suffered from stroke. He passed on last year.

The story of a two term attorney general, and a serving Vice President father not having enough money would be impossible to believe in this clime.

In Nigeria, a local government councillor is a potential multi millionaire and a Vice President wouldn’t need to lift a finger to command millions of dollar (or billions of Naira). For life.

And you don’t even need more than a term as a state attorney general in Nigeria to be made for life. There are office clerks in government job with luxury cars and mouthwatering houses.

It will be unheard of for a councillor in Nigeria to sell his house. Rather, he would be buying more and go on medical safari. His office package (salary, wardrobe allowance, contract kickbacks, severance allowance, etc.) are enough to care for his life troubles.

Femi Olabisi is on Twitter: @Femiolas

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  1. Fajinmi Adebayo M.

    Feb 8, 2016 at 3:03 PM

    That’s the most repulsive thing that has made the country a powerless – giant with the lost of international dignity.However,until Nigerians leaders in all facet of life,particularly the political actors do not see the place of leadership as a platform to enrich themselves, we can not move develop.


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