23 Jan

Ogbemudi Dumps PDP” — News.

My Conclusion: The next probable news item would be ‘Ogbemudia Joins APC’.

Sadly, this trend would continue to be the defining face of Nigeria political system if the current anti-corruption drives by All Progressive Party (APC) government follow its current pattern. 

Almost all politicians charged for corruption are members of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). It follows therefore that there is an unpronounced conclusion that all political heavyweights in APC are saints and are therefore corruption-free.

We all know that most top guns in the two dominant parties are enmeshed in corrupt practices, at least before the advent of current dispensation. And in so far those being charged for corruption perpetrated their crimes before the advent of Buhari’s return to power it is just normal that everybody – irrespective of party affiliation – is made to account for their misdeeds.

What every sensible politicians in the opposition with skeletons in their cupboard would do is to join APC. Or disown PDP. This, they know, might guarantee them immunity from accounting for their sins.

Samuel Ogbemudia is just one amongst many politicians who have dumped PDP and he surely will not be the last. The fear of Buhari and Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) are enough to turn PDP to a pariah party. 

PS: I’m no PDP Wailer (I’m actually one of Buhari’s silent Hailers), but I need not be one to observe that the anti-corruption war is one sided.

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