03 Mar

Emir of Kano and the Police hierarchy erred in Eze Oruru abduction saga. 

They only acted when the public outcry could no longer be ignored. And that was months after her parents had fruitlessly sought the assistance of the Emir and the Police in getting her back.

Both were (and are) in the position to take action at the very beginning. Allowing such opprobrious and uncivilised misdeed to go on for so long is a tactical approval.

Could they have kept mute and sanctioned the abduction and marriage of a 13 year old girl (without her parent’s consent) if she was their daughter?

Who else is the pillar of support for the proletariat if those in the position to support them left them to the caprices of human predators like Yunusa Yellow?

While it is possible to overlook the Emir’s culpability, the police officers who were apprised of the criminal act at the beginning have no excuse. They must be investigated and sanctioned if found guilty.

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Posted by on March 3, 2016 in Opinion


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