03 Mar

I went to the Source (Ile-Ife) yesterday; with my better-half. The trip was made more worthwhile and successful by the tenacious ternion: Kola Awokunle Fatherlandart, Ayotunde John and Micheal Dina.

Coming from ‘mini diaspora’, these friends – at different times of our home sojourning – sacrificed money and their precious times. They gave us their all.

Kola left his studios, not minding his many contracts wailing for attention and the need to restock his recently burnt Abuja studio. I had assumed that working with no distractions should be the problem for the nonce, for him to bounce back. I was wrong. After many hours with us, he was still adamant to go with us to see my ailing brother. Getting him back to his work was not easy.

I’m here prostrating (as wont amongst Yoruba) to thank Micheal Dina of OAUTHC. Our OAUTHC visit would have amounted to a nullity but for him. He deployed his official and non-official powers to bail us out of unpalatable bureaucratic bottlenecks that would have cost us another journey and money. Micheal is an incurable pollyanna. He went up-and-down with cheerful countenance; bypassing our nemesis – a fubsy staff with nothing to loose.

We are particularly grateful to John (Multiple Manager). He was a few thousands Naira poorer yesterday. All we wanted was to buy some provisions and fuel our car (unavoidable desiderata, at that point in time). And we did. But John paid for everything. Without prompting. I was graciously bewildered of his uncommon generosity.

Mrs. Roseline Olabisi thanks you all.

And I thank you too.

We are forever indebted. To all of you.

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