19 Apr

The evening of Friday April 9, 2016 till the wee hours of Saturday was typically wine o’clocking and beer o’clocking.

It was the time to Wine Out outgoing Naval Officers at the Nigerian Navy School of Health Sciences Offa. The Officers’s Mess reverberated with fanfare. 

(I wished my partymonger men-at-arm – Babalola Olalekan and Ojo Ayomipo Olakunle – were there. They’re the partying real deal; and that’s no empty fanfaronading). 

I wish the leaving Officers the best onto the next ship. They have been very wonderful.

I will particularly miss Lt. Fredrick Greg Walter. While I lieutenanted as his Deputy Social Secretary of the Navy Officers’ Mess he was always there; he ensured we had very functional mess.

But as there is always a time to meet, so is the time to part. I wish them the best as we part ways. For now. 

Onward Together!

Femi Olabisi, the only civilian executive of the Officers’ Mess lives in Offa.

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