19 Apr

 Aside from the avalanche of global fraud tsunami generated by the revealing #PanamaPapers – a timely happenstance in which Senate President Bukola Saraki and family were named as players (and which may eventually accelerated Senator Bukola’s march to political wilderness) – the social media has, since yesterday, been inundated with the news of the reunion of Gov. Fayose and Tope Alabi (the EkitiGate whistleblower). 

While some praised the reunion, some were less generous; lambasting the usual Nigeria political prostitution – this time reincarnated in Tope Aluko.

Tope’s shameful about-face and camaraderie with his benefactor – Gov. Fayose – is nothing new.

He is just another repugnant character who was woken from his slumber; a bitter realisation that his fortunes outside the camp of Gov. Fayose, and by extension the PDP, would only deny him of his rights to stomach infrastructure; that APC has nothing to offer him.

He did the needful and went back to his vomit. He is just another prodigal son in political gimmickry.

But Tope’s fortune in Fayose’s political camp may still go south.

Fayose would no longer go to sleep with his eyes closed with Tope Aluko in the same room. The attempt to expose the shady EkitiGate has bruised the smoothness once in play. He can no longer be trusted.

Unlike the Ekiti House of Assembly member, Afolabi Akanni, who spent 18 days in DSS jail and still rebuffed being hoodwinked into betraying Fayose, Tope – without any threat – spilled the beans on his benefactor. He opened the can of worms that characterised Ekiti State gubernatorial election in 2014. 

That Tope Aluko is eventually welcomed back into the stomach infrastructure fold does not mean that he will be trusted again. It will be a case of once beaten twice shy.

His prodigious public disavowal of Fayose could eventually exacerbate his progression into political waterloo. His fellow political jobbers will always be wary of him and watch him like a hawk. At every time.

This piece was written on April 5, 2016. So much has since transpired between the two actors. 

Femi Olabisi writes from Offa, Nigeria.

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