19 Apr

 Pedlars of hatred and wailers without a modicum of common-sense will always paint everything black when it comes to affiliations — mostly political. As wont in the PDP fold now.

Some of us are wailers and hailers combined. I may hail President Buhari today and wail against him tomorrow with verbal missiles — depending how I feel about his policies. I did same to President Jonathan.

Truly, Nigerians are suffering. But this is a problem engendered by years of prebendal leadership. While APC (microscopically subsumed in Buhari) should sit up, wailers should also go on rememoration; current myriads of problem were planted years ago by PDP and its visionless leaderships. 

But, APC should also wake up now. Election is over. The hitherto enjoyed honeymoon is getting to its twilight. PDP was voted out because of the messianic promises of APC. PDP is gone. Now is time for APC to do its job.

I only hope this socio-economic quagmires won’t be perpetually long. We need respite. Things are hard.

We need that change NOW!

PS: This post was birthed by a photo post on Ismaila Hussaini Ebbo Dagash Facebook timeline on April 10, 2016. With pictorial evidence, he countered those who reported negatively on Vice President Osinbajo’s visit to Kano.

Femi Olabisi writes from Offa, Nigeria

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Posted by on April 19, 2016 in Opinion


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