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The hijab ruckus in my State, the State of Osun, is unnecessary.

We have a constitution. It permits all citizens to practice their religions. This is exactly what the Muslims in that state is asking; their rights to use hijab in public schools. It is not a crime.

Meanwhile, all other religion-inclined people – Christians and traditionalists (generally encapsulated in Oniyemoja, Onisango, Eleegun, etc.) – shouldn’t be stopped from wearing religious accoutrements (or attachments) that depict their religious affiliations. Even Taoists, Jingoists, etc. should have freedom to exist, practice and be kitted in their religious attire while going to ‘public’ schools. It should not be a crime too.

(The only losers here will be atheists. And of course, they can also get Identification tags).

Rather than allowing religion to incite fratricide in the State of Osun, and elsewhere, let’s allow Christians to use choir robe, cassock or garments, Muslims to use hijab, babalawo to wear cowries, beads, etc. Even bandanas depicting religious affiliations should be encouraged. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

The only issue I see here is on the fact that some schools originally belonged to one religious group or the other. These schools should be returned to the owners as they were forcefully taken over by government of yesteryear.

Government should return Muslim schools to Muslims and Christians schools to Christians. It was irresponsible of the government to do this in the first place. They both have rights to determine and enforce whatever they deem permissible in their schools.

More importantly, returning these schools to original owners and/or allow all students to wear religion-depicting un-uniforn uniform will save us all from religious hellbenders who are fighting for their God(s) from setting us on the part of religious war.

Everybody has rights. Not just Muslims, not just Christians.

And why must we allow two foreign religions to divide us? Every Christian family has Muslim family members, and vice-versa.


It would be interesting for Christians, traditionalists and adherents of other religions to similarly go to court on their fundamental human rights to wear their religious apparels in public schools. It would be extra interesting to have same Justice Saka Jide Falola presiding. The outcome would be super interesting.

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