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DO-NOT-DISTURB (DND) implementation on GSM in Nigeria is a double-edged sword.

Yes, it is good to rid oneself of uselessly inundating SMS and calls from service providers. But one could also miss very important messages sent online (bulk SMS).

It is easier and far cheaper to send messages to as many people as possible and at once via bulk SMS, hence the desire of organisations and individuals to opt for it. 

But the service has been needlessly abused in Nigeria: everybody gets unsolicited and irrelevant calls and messages every time. Hence, the instruction by the National Communication Commission (NCC) directing GSM providers to implement DND. 

Of course, the service is meant to be optional. But GSM service providers just went ahead to place many on it without notice or option. I was a victim. It took me a long time before I knew that I had been placed on blanket Do Not Disturb.

The repercussion of such is missing out on very important information. That would be disastrous for job seekers, students, staff of corporations that employ bulk SMS to contact staff, etc.

It is incumbent on NCC to direct GSM service providers not to place people on automatic DND.  It is equally expedient that job seekers, students and others who may like get messages via bulk SMS to think twice before activating Do Not Disturb. 
You can never tell when the service would deny you of getting that important message.

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