20 Feb


Nigeria (as a nation) and Nigerians – herein summated as a collective conglomeration of occupiers of this clime – are wont to equating success in everything to prayers; prayers sans practical steps to achieving everything good.

This habit is so common that the leaders (and the led) most times start and end every discussion, public gathering and political statements with phrases like ‘by God’s grace’, God willing’, Insha Allah, etc. This sanctimonious dependence on the metaphysical being is never attended with certifiable and practical steps to achieving the desired results.

The lazy, work apathetic Nigerian god has some reprehensible injunctions: thou must make indolence a virtue; thou shall achieve everything without lifting a finger; thou shall pray and pray and pray (without working); thou shall desire good life but must not sweat; thou must not question or challenge a leader, etc.

This is why you will see a graduate who prays ceaselessly — visits pastors, alfas and marabouts — for a miracle job without actually job hunting, political jobbers who steal public money and still pay tithe or zakat, students spending quality times on social media and junketing around parties during lectures but relies on the power of prayers and phylactery during exams to pass, etc.

Most unfortunately, followers of the Nigerian god are so mentally bedridden to realise that decades of prayers and marabouting bereft of working and deliberate sacrifice to achieving everything good has always been a mirage.

Nigeria and Nigerians have forgotten that God — or Allah — (for those who believe in Him) worked to create our world and others worlds. And that Jesus of Christians, Prophet Muhammad of Muslims, and the various deities known today were not idle. That they wouldn’t be famous, revered and remembered today if they were an average, indolent and miracle-only Nigerian.

Except Nigeria and Nigerians divorce themselves from the miracle-minus-work and prayer-only mentality, the desired Eldorado will forever remain impossible.

Femi Olabisi is on Twitter: @Femiolas

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