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Contrary to recent reports that Favour Odozor, 20, who graduated at the Afrika Union Aviation Academy, South Africa, is the youngest Nigerian licensed commercial pilot there are indications that this record belongs to Sam Phil-Ebosie (1951 – 2012), who graduated as a licensed commercial pilot at the age of 19 in 1970.

Chinedu Ozordi, a journalist reports that Sam was born to Emman Phil-Ebosie and Yewande Phil-Ebosie on the 271h July, 1951, in Lagos and was the third of four brothers. Sam’s father was the foremost indigenous ENT Surgeon in Nigeria. He attended Ladi-Lak Institute and later transferred to Government Demonstration School, Surulere, Lagos, for his primary education.

He proceeded to Kings College, Lagos, for his secondary education; after which he shocked his family, teachers and mates by his decision to become a Civil Aviator.

To accomplish his ambition, Sam sought and was admitted into the second course at the Nigerian Civil Aviation School Zaria, graduating top of his class as a pilot in 1970.

He thereafter commenced his commercial flying career with the then Nigerian Airways Ltd. Through his career, he was trained on the Fokker 27, Fokker 28, Boeing 737, Boeing 707 and DC 10.

While he at Nigeria Airways, Sam was said to have been confirmed the youngest Fokker F 27 Captain at the age of 25 years in 1977.

The height of his professional flying career was when, as the youngest ever captain in the world, he flew the wide bodied aircraft at the age of 30 years in 1981.

During his career, he was the preferred long haul Captain for the Presidency on the Presidential Fleet. He flew the then President Shehu Shagari to the Hajj in Saudi Arabia, Australia for the Common Wealth Conference in 1981, New York to the United Nation’s Conference and several other destinations; and the Vice President Alex Ekweme also on several occasions.

Sam later retired from Nigeria Airways in 1985, after which he joined Saudi Airlines, Saudi Arabia in 1985 where he worked as a Lockheed Tri-Star Ll 011 Captain. Between 1986 and 1995, he worked at PH Aviation Teterboro, New Jersey, UPS, New York and Federal Express Memphis.

Sam retired from commercial flying after 27 years in 1995. Upon retirement he set up his own private aviation support company called Skynote.

Sam, until his death, remained a keen aviator, consulting in different areas of the aviation sector.

Source: The Nation


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#DO U KNOW# That the World’s Longest Personal Name Ever Is 746 Characters Long?

The longest personal name ever is 746 characters long

The shortened versions include Mr. Wolfe+585 Sr, 585 being the amount of additional letters in his last name and Hubert Blaine Wolfe­schlegel­stein­hausen­berger­dorff Sr. This man also had 25 middle names.

His full name is Adolph Blaine Charles David Earl Frederick Gerald Hubert Irvin John Kenneth Lloyd Martin Nero Oliver Paul Quincy Randolph Sherman Thomas Uncas Victor William Xerxes Yancy Zeus Wolfe­schlegelstein­hausenberger­dorffvoraltern­waren­gewissenhaft­schaferswessen­schafewaren­wohlgepflege­und­sorgfaltigkeit­beschutzen­von­angreifen­durch­ihrraubgierigfeinde­welche­voraltern­zwolftausend­jahres­vorandieerscheinen­wander­ersteer­dem­enschderraumschiff­gebrauchlicht­als­sein­ursprung­von­kraftgestart­sein­lange­fahrt­hinzwischen­sternartigraum­auf­der­suchenach­diestern­welche­gehabt­bewohnbar­planeten­kreise­drehen­sich­und­wohin­der­neurasse­von­verstandigmen­schlichkeit­konnte­fortplanzen­und­sicher­freuen­anlebens­langlich­freude­und­ruhe­mit­nicht­ein­furcht­vor­angreifen­von­anderer­intelligent­geschopfs­von­hinzwischen­sternartigraum, Senior. 

Mr Wolfe+585 is ‘senior’, he gave the exact same name to his son, Hubert Blaine Wolfe­schlegel­stein­hausen­berger­dorff, Jr., who learnt to pronounce his full name by the age of 3. 

His long surname has an equally interesting meaning: “a descendant of Wolfeschlegelstein (one who prepared wool for manufacture on a stone), of the house of Bergerdorf (mountain village) who before ages were conscientious shepherds whose sheep were well tended and diligently protected against attackers who by their rapacity were enemies who 12,000 years ago appeared from the stars to the humans by spaceships with light as an origin of power, started a long voyage within star-like space in search for the star which has habitable planets orbiting and whither the new race of reasonable humanity could thrive and enjoy lifelong happiness and tranquillity without fear of attack from other intelligent creatures from within star-like space.” 

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  1. That sharks have two penises? Though they can only use one at a time.
  2. That there is “Facebook Nursery and Primary School” in Lagos, Nigeria?
  3. That if you search for “Google Gravity” and press “I’m Feeling Lucky” the page will fall apart?
  4. That it is possible to die from a broken heart? This condition is called Stress Cardiomyopathy.
  5. That ducks have the ability to put half their brain to sleep, and keep the other half awake?
  6. That having a pair of identical breasts was important for women to qualify for the civil service in the province, Hunan, in Southern China?
  7. That in the state of Kentucky, every citizen is required by law to take a bath at least once a year?
  8. That if you were to fall into a black hole, you’d be stretched into a very long and thin string through a process known as “Spaghettification”?
  9. That there’s a nightclub in Russia that celebrates every day as if it were New Year Eve? ‘Purga’ in Russia celebrates every day with typical New Year Eve customs and whatnot.
  10. That Whitney Houston was buried with $500,000 dollars worth of clothes and jewelry?
  11. That Thomas Edison, lightbulb inventor, was afraid of the dark?
  12. That male koalas bears have a penis with two heads?
  13. That in China, killing a panda is punishable by death?
  14. That there is a real religion called “Googlism”, and supported by “The Church of Google?
  15. That dopamine (chemical responsible for bonding) can cause a loss of appetite and an inability to sleep – symptoms of falling in love?
  16. That searching for ‘elgoog’ on Google will take you to a Google website that is completely backwards?
  17. The word Spain means “the land of rabbits”?
  18. That when hippos are upset, their sweat turns bright red?
  19. There are about 6,800 languages in the world
  20. That Bic pen was originally called Bich pen? The name was changed in 1940’s for fear that Americans would pronounce it ‘Bitch’.
  21. That in Salem, Massachesetts, USA, sleeping in the nude in a rented room is forbidden, even for married couples?
  22. That the wristwatch was invented in 1904? It was invented by Louis Cartier.
  23. That tapeworms are hermaphrodites? Hermaphrodite is a plant or animal with both male and female xtics and reproductive organs.
  24. That there’s a 233 page novel without a verb. It was written in 2004 by French author Michel Thaler. It’s titled “Le Train de Nulle Part” (The Nowhere Train)
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