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My Rubicon – by Femi Olabisi

‘To be, or not to be’ was my thought
Months of divided dilly-dallying
Of wishing, and rejection
Of what lies beyond the present
Clouded my thought

My resolve was, as steel
Strong, as a crude diamond
At least, that was my stance
My story changed,
The steeling resolve liquesced

It happened, eventually
And now, in my moments
Reliving what can’t be undone
I sojourned between twin thoughts
Was it right, was it wrong?

Time will tell of my action
Tomorrow will adjudicate.
Now I wait, awaiting,
Banking of hope
Hope all will be well

Was it the flesh, or fate
Or a random failing?
I have crossed the Rubicon
I sailed untested waters.
Time will tell, and deliver the verdicts.

© Femi Olabisi (September 13, 2014)

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The Road Not Taken – by Robert Frost

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both

And be one traveler, long I stood

And looked down one as far as I could

To where it bent in the undergrowth;


Then took the other, as just as fair,

And having perhaps the better claim,

Because it was grassy and wanted wear;

Though as for that the passing there

Had worn them really about the same,



And both that morning equally lay

In leaves no step had trodden black.

Oh, I kept the first for another day!

Yet knowing how way leads on to way,

I doubted if I should ever come back.


I shall be telling this with a sigh

Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I–

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

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When we were in panties

And when gullibility marked our heyday

We sang of heroes past

Of heroic sons and daughters


Yesterday was pillared on hope

Hope of a better tomorrow

But that which we hoped for

Of that which our hope tethered


Leadership tragedy assassinated

All that which we hoped for



Whose pocket was hitherto filled to brim

With so much in kitty

Degenerated into a pauper state

Because of prodigal sons and daughters


Our hope was only a hope

Our dream remains a dream

Yesterday we sang of heroes

Today it is sans heroes


Lootocratic executives are just to steal

Kleptomanic judiciary is blind to justice

Legislatures just to fill their kitty

All to steal without pity


Tomorrow is bleak and dark

For a nation so bless with looters

The hope remain is ‘us’

The spring of ‘Arab Spring’ is what we need


© Femi Olabisi (November 2012)


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CLOUDED (A POEM) – by Femi Olabisi

It is a generational maxim

that life is a mystery unknown;

a journey beset with dreadful forebodings;

a variegated landmark of discordant terrains


I was born and bred

I was cultured to reason

that life is a nutty riddle

indefinitely clouded to discern

and beyond mortals dissecting


My heyday was a nurturing

a platitude of facts of life

a catechism of what lies ahead

a baptism into realities


But my libertinage to adulthood

my transformation to real realities

pictures a world of banalities;

where sacrifice is never measured

and sycophancy ever treasured


My ontology is totally fogged

my being lethargic to things around

because the world is clouded

and forever a mystery unknown.


© Femi Olabisi (April 2010)


Twitter: @ Femiolas

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To the girl whose beauty is present

In all seasons.  

I tell you why you are beautiful.


Your beauty extends into the heavens

It goes on forever and never lessens.

Even when the cloud heightens

You are here and the world brightens.

You are like a fruit that constantly ripens

Your beauty grows and widens


My fondness for you constantly deepens

Every time I see you my heart weakens

You make everything else appear hollow

Wherever you are, my heart is sure to follow

You shine so bright; you cast your own shadow.


A beauty that others would love to borrow

For them to have you to follow

Your being they never can catch

Something like you they could never match.

Your beauty increases without a limit

Every breath reaches the zenith.


My imagination can stretch

It makes me question if what I am seeing is real.

I only know it is true by the way I feel

Your beauty is so vast it can’t be concealed.

There is no hiding it; your beauty is always revealed.


The power of your beauty is world’s greatest gift

The heaviest boulder it could easily lift.

A girl this perfect I never knew, all that

Changed the moment we met.

Heaven on earth I was not aware

Until I met a girl that was crafted with such a care


You would be the answer to a prayer

If someone asked for something rare

With beauty to spare.

If I had a choice I would choose,

Your love over the air I breathe

For air can’t compare to a girl

Not found elsewhere


© Blessing Ukamaka  (January 2012)

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For long I searched endlessly

For years I peregrinated for a love so scarce

For you I had waited in great anticipation

For a love so true my heart yearned so desperately


Then in horizon you materialised

The blossoming beauty your being oozed

Touched my heart in profound desperation

The budding love I hitherto kept within

To maturity my love germinated for you


Your presence brought a great relief

Your love unchained my heart in chains.

Years of endless sojourning in search for love

Your love finally terminated.


For you I will trudge the world

For you I will give my world

For you I will forsake the world

For your love is pure and true.

© Femi Olabisi (February 2012)

Twitter: @ Femiolas



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My soul went into a dialogue;


In a rememoration

And foraging,

In yesteryears – dissecting

What had, what is, what may


The continual presage

And hallowed decay

Of this dark sun – this Africa


Hers was a hidden haven

Unadulterated, unblemished; untainted….

This was my being, my land – dear Africa

Till preyed upon

By black Vultures,

Pillared by white Hounds

Who rode her into abyssed depth,

Into a precipice of imbalance


Sagged is that once sumptuous breast

Milked by twinned evil


In the devilish colo-neocolonialism.

And her milked rind

Is not even spared

By risible glitterati –

Pseudo-angelic sons and daughters.

            Who will bail her?

            From prebendal nouveau riches

            Who now saunter

            In their ill-gotten wealth


 ©Femi Olabisi (December 2006)


Twitter: @ Femiolas


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Dilemma Of A Race (A POEM)

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Hitherto melodious were the songs

Euphorical dances greeted the many mornings

When the dews of European brigandage


Engendering new dawns of hope.


Electrifying ecstasy ushered in

Avalanches of independences

Extinguishing decades of colonial servitude.

The choruses were unanimous

The refrains sarcastic:

Africa for Africans (good riddance to colonial rubbish)



The effervescent avant-gardism

Soon succumbed to rebounding implosions:

Militocratic gluttocracy; democratic corruptocracy;

Lawless mobocracy; fractrcidal genocide…

Tear the continent into shards.


Cacophonous hues and cries substituted

The melodious tintinnabulations.

The labours of independences

The epidural pains of avowed freedom

Stayed indefinitely decades after.


Where is the independence?

Where is the freedom?

Will Africa ever know peace?

All seemed to have cascaded into nothingness.


Femi Olabisi (February 2008)

          Twitter: @ Femiolas

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Wherever she ride or go

She has my heart in hold.

Pseudo-love I hitherto embraced

Till evicted, from wondrous paradisal tryst

Into a vacuum foraged vagabond.

My phallic bruised, and sick I am

All for love in flight


It seemed the rays of the sun blackened out

And I cannot even see the common clouds.

Damp and swollen, chilly and feverish

All in longing for a belle not in sight


My ontology dallies

My being tarries

Mine is an essence clouded

For you are distantly founded

Ashore where I cannot landed

All in search of a stolen jewel


A veiled multi-tentacled web

Like a beclouded fog in December;

A chilly guest on a wondrous Eve

Wrapped my soul in icicles

All in longing for my separated half


I pilgrimaged in phantasm;

A solitary sojourning in nil realism

Secreted by a monstrous lacuna

Of a distanced love aspired

Alack! How enslaved I am in desire?


I desire your comforting arms again

Laying my head in your bosom again

I crave your succulent lips again

Let your enveloping warmth invigorate my being again

Your love in me remain


My mind flies about for a solace

Sourcing a respite from this odious place.

You were the fillip that dazzled my heart

The convivial salt of my heart

The rays of the sun went out

The day you marched out.



Your exit fathered in me a vacuum

A void excruciatingly shallow

A peppered heart in palpable hollow.

Dusk till dawn, in loneliness I pine

Alone in the cold

Caged in an avalanche of seismic hold

All night Wishing… and Missing you!


©Femi Olabisi (November 2006)

    Twitter: @Femiolas

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MOTHER – A POEM (Commemorating Mother’s Day)

You went through pain

Sacrificing in strain

Not minding whether there will be gain

And unsure whether I will be a vain


Loaded with load you knew not

Protruding belly of a strange carriage

With an overt façade

Regionalised by creasing countenance


A suppressed agony

That the loaded load was tasky


From pregnancy to labour room                     

Prenatal to postnatal

My infancy to adulthood

Were relics of greatest sacrifice.

Thank you Mama, for giving me life.


© Femi Olabisi (April 2007).

    Twitter: @Femiolas

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It took so long


What it matters

To exercise a charter

On things that alters;

A differentiation that does caters

For a bourgeoning desires

That vitiates Russian roulette

To a midgetting rumpus.



Does it matter

That I wallowed so long

Unliteratured – untutored


As it were

In hemorrhagic youthful libertinage

When my heyday


On sans and withouts?


Thingify me not!

That I hitherto doddered

In transit to sagehood.

Unconscionable is your opprobrium

Risible is your ratiocination

That faltered I

Laddering to adulthood


© Femi Olabisi (January. 2007).

Twitter: @Femiolas

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Oh no! 

A fool’s paradise, almost,

in my journey to adulthood.


My heyday,

my early peregrination;

a journey of meaningless traverse,

for nothing.                       

Now, of course, I am different.


©Femi Olabisi (September 2011)


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