The daily trial of Sen. Saraki at the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT), as ordered by Justice Danladi Yakubu Umar, is good for the defendant and the prosecutor. 

Alacritous adjudication will allow Nigerians to move to other things. This matter is fast decaying; having spent precious time on the culpability or otherwise of the defendant.

And whatever the outcome, it is going to be a defining step in the anti-corruption stance of President Buhari. Safe Chief Bode George and few other prebendal public office holders – whose soiled kleptomanic hands have found their ways into our commonwealth – and who paid (albeit very minutely) for their crimes – big theives usually go on to enjoy their loot. 

It is also going to tell on the integrity of the judiciary. People have always argued that this essential arm of government is fast becoming decadent. 

(Sanctioning reprehensible injunctions that frustrate justice is a sin that is is very common in our courtrooms. A justice delayed is a justice denied, they say. But that is exactly what operates in our judicial system. Delayed justice is common. Some trials have been on for almost a decade with injunctions upon injunctions. Even this particular case has been frustrated so many times).

Of course, Senator Bukola Saraki is innocent until proven guilty but every big gun is always never found guilty in this clime. Even when a big man is found guilty our judicial system has a way of making them go free with just a slap on the wrist: plea bargaining is one of the ways to create subtle soft landing for them to evade justice. 

Steal big (or commit huge crime) and you’re home free. Steal a mobile phone — or commit burglary — and you could end up spending up to a decade in the gulag. Or have appointment with the guillotine). The system is rigged for the nouveau riche. A nouveau pauvre is doomed. 

One way or the other, the discourse on this trial will reverberate for a very long time.

We all wait as the trial unfolds.

Femi Olabisi is on Twitter:  @Femiolas

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 Pedlars of hatred and wailers without a modicum of common-sense will always paint everything black when it comes to affiliations — mostly political. As wont in the PDP fold now.

Some of us are wailers and hailers combined. I may hail President Buhari today and wail against him tomorrow with verbal missiles — depending how I feel about his policies. I did same to President Jonathan.

Truly, Nigerians are suffering. But this is a problem engendered by years of prebendal leadership. While APC (microscopically subsumed in Buhari) should sit up, wailers should also go on rememoration; current myriads of problem were planted years ago by PDP and its visionless leaderships. 

But, APC should also wake up now. Election is over. The hitherto enjoyed honeymoon is getting to its twilight. PDP was voted out because of the messianic promises of APC. PDP is gone. Now is time for APC to do its job.

I only hope this socio-economic quagmires won’t be perpetually long. We need respite. Things are hard.

We need that change NOW!

PS: This post was birthed by a photo post on Ismaila Hussaini Ebbo Dagash Facebook timeline on April 10, 2016. With pictorial evidence, he countered those who reported negatively on Vice President Osinbajo’s visit to Kano.

Femi Olabisi writes from Offa, Nigeria

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 Aside from the avalanche of global fraud tsunami generated by the revealing #PanamaPapers – a timely happenstance in which Senate President Bukola Saraki and family were named as players (and which may eventually accelerated Senator Bukola’s march to political wilderness) – the social media has, since yesterday, been inundated with the news of the reunion of Gov. Fayose and Tope Alabi (the EkitiGate whistleblower). 

While some praised the reunion, some were less generous; lambasting the usual Nigeria political prostitution – this time reincarnated in Tope Aluko.

Tope’s shameful about-face and camaraderie with his benefactor – Gov. Fayose – is nothing new.

He is just another repugnant character who was woken from his slumber; a bitter realisation that his fortunes outside the camp of Gov. Fayose, and by extension the PDP, would only deny him of his rights to stomach infrastructure; that APC has nothing to offer him.

He did the needful and went back to his vomit. He is just another prodigal son in political gimmickry.

But Tope’s fortune in Fayose’s political camp may still go south.

Fayose would no longer go to sleep with his eyes closed with Tope Aluko in the same room. The attempt to expose the shady EkitiGate has bruised the smoothness once in play. He can no longer be trusted.

Unlike the Ekiti House of Assembly member, Afolabi Akanni, who spent 18 days in DSS jail and still rebuffed being hoodwinked into betraying Fayose, Tope – without any threat – spilled the beans on his benefactor. He opened the can of worms that characterised Ekiti State gubernatorial election in 2014. 

That Tope Aluko is eventually welcomed back into the stomach infrastructure fold does not mean that he will be trusted again. It will be a case of once beaten twice shy.

His prodigious public disavowal of Fayose could eventually exacerbate his progression into political waterloo. His fellow political jobbers will always be wary of him and watch him like a hawk. At every time.

This piece was written on April 5, 2016. So much has since transpired between the two actors. 

Femi Olabisi writes from Offa, Nigeria.

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The evening of Friday April 9, 2016 till the wee hours of Saturday was typically wine o’clocking and beer o’clocking.

It was the time to Wine Out outgoing Naval Officers at the Nigerian Navy School of Health Sciences Offa. The Officers’s Mess reverberated with fanfare. 

(I wished my partymonger men-at-arm – Babalola Olalekan and Ojo Ayomipo Olakunle – were there. They’re the partying real deal; and that’s no empty fanfaronading). 

I wish the leaving Officers the best onto the next ship. They have been very wonderful.

I will particularly miss Lt. Fredrick Greg Walter. While I lieutenanted as his Deputy Social Secretary of the Navy Officers’ Mess he was always there; he ensured we had very functional mess.

But as there is always a time to meet, so is the time to part. I wish them the best as we part ways. For now. 

Onward Together!

Femi Olabisi, the only civilian executive of the Officers’ Mess lives in Offa.

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CAVEAT: I wrote this article 15 years ago, just after Al-Qaeda’s attack on Pentagon and World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001. I was in my sophomore then and a novice in the art of writing.

The avalanche of terrorist activities, leaving sorrow, tears and death in thousands, is worth worrying about. From Europe to Asia, America to Africa, and sweeping through Australia – it has been globalised, with deaths and colossal tragedies in its wake. War experts predicted after the World War II that it was only another war of such magnitude that could truncate world peace. How wrong they were? Terrorist activities of today not only denied the whole humanity the said peace but have also succeeded in eluding individuals the much needed security. Public places such as hotels, cinemas, offices, homes and even churches and mosques are not spared. Where then can one be assure of security?

 Until recent past, many people were not familiar with the now dreaded word ‘Terrorism’. Not that it is a newly coined but because it is not among the familiar household words. Ironically, however, this hitherto obscure word has metamorphosed to gain importance and popularity not only in the literate circles but also among the illiterates alike. In fact, it is now been erroneously used in homes and particularly in higher institutions of learning: it is either a husband is terrorizing his wife or student cultists terrorizing fellow students or male teachers/lecturers terrorising female students, and vice versa.

 To cut-off the fanfare, the exhumation of the word ‘Terrorism’ emanated from the condemned Al-Qaeda Networks (a terrorist outfit under the tutelage of the accursed Osama Bin Laden) attack on World Trade Centre and Pentagon building (America Military Stronghold) on September 11 2001. Though this is not the first attack to be carried out by Bin Laden led terrorist formation, the totality of the havoc not only brought to the fore the man’s inhumanity to man but also shows how useless and ineffective man-made security could be. Because, that America –the acclaimed world power– could easily fall prey and be crushed by some bunch of shallow and insane criminals is not only unbelievable but also astonishing.

 Not that Osama’s criminal organization deserves commendation but because America who, according to the United Nations Organization (UN) believed to be acquiring, manufacturing and owned 34% of world’s ammunition could be so death a crushing blow by certain individuals is a food for thought.

 The one million question people are now asking is: when and who actually started terrorist activity?

 Well, the answer is not far-fetched. Terrorism is as old as humanity itself. It would have been more explicit if incidents in the Holy Bible and Holy Quran is cited but in other to avoid religious impasse that might resulted from such retrospection, attempt at unravelling the mystery surrounding terrorist activities will be confined only to happenings as from the 20th century.

 It is pertinent to clarify here that this essay is in no way an effort in defence of terrorism nor aimed at supporting any country or religion. Rather, the objective is to make use of both critical and logical analysis at unravelling the cause(s) of the now rampant terrorist activities and their formations that is becoming globalised.

 Since there is hardly the mentioning of terrorism without America’s name been dragged into it, it will not be a waste of effort if America’s solo efforts at crushing Osama’s Al-Qaeda Networks and its allies is scrutinized. The one question in this regard, which a novice in world politics may not easily find clue to is: is America not taking too much? For me the answer is YES! America undoubtedly is taking more than enough. Of course, her no-nonsense stance in her international policy is worthy of commendation but, if bigotry is to be set aside, America is trespassing her bound and also defying the United Nation’s Charter on territorial sovereignty of other nations; she is guilty of infringement. And since ‘Terrorism’ as defined by the Advance Learners Dictionary of English Language is an act of using force (power) to suppress, oppress or intimidate, so is America’s role in international politics. Or, can America exonerate itself from the disintegrations of Germany and Soviet Union? Just to mention a few of her atrocities.

 Of course, some pro-United States columnists may have me blacklisted as anti-American. No, I am not. On the contrary, I really commend United States for her untiring efforts that liberated Kuwait from Iraqi’s clutch (Gulf War of 1991), the 1919 return of Alsace and Loraine by Germany to France (which the former had forcefully taken in the France-German war of 1870-71), her role in ending both the First and Second World Wars, the formation of the League of Nations (1919) and later the formation of the United Nations Organization at San Francisco in 1945, the disruption of Bin Laden terrorist formations and her solo efforts at resolving the Middle East crisis, among others.

 For want of space, I would like to round-off by crystallizing the difference in America and Bin Laden’s forms of terrorism. While that of the former, to laudable degree, is positive, the latter is condemnable in its entirety.

 Are you confused by the grammatical ambivalence thus created by my choice of words in referring to America as a ‘POSITIVE TERRORIST’ nation? Well, what I mean is that America’s form of terrorism has positive objective. Though the word ‘OBJECTIVE’ means aims – either devilish or angelic – the fact here is that America’s objective, to appreciable degree, have positive underlining.

In contradistinction, the bunch of criminal enthusiasts in the name of Al-Qaeda is never positive. The organization in 1998 not only succeeded in bombing American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania (July 7, and Oct 8, respectively) but also send many people to early graves at every opportunity. In the two attacks properties worth millions of dollars ended in shambles while large number of people were also wounded. These are just few of their atrocities against humanity. The whole universe should rise against them and their accomplices for peace to reign.


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CAVEAT: I wrote this article 14 years ago. I was in my sophomore then and a novice in the art of writing.


I was waiting for so long for a miracle to come

Everyone told me to be strong

Hold on and don’t shed a tear

Through the darkness and good time

I knew I’d make it through…

 Yes! That is her exact words. Though rendered in song so cool, tender, sonorous and beautiful to the hearing, yet it carries strength; shows determination and courage. A combination of poetic artistry with a melodious voice to match: you hear it. You feel it.  That is Celine Dion for you.

 Born in the French-speaking region of Canada, Quebec to be precise, Celine Dion started her music career at the tender age of 12 – thanks to her producer then, Rene Angelil, who she later married. Although she was born into a musically talented family, her quick rise to stardom is an exemplary feat in the music world. She was known the world over as an accomplished musician with the ability and capacity so captivating, and unequalled. Prejudice apart, her songs will forever be the best of R & B’s.

 Then, the ‘UGLY’ and the ‘BAD’ set; in bended on putting paid to her blissful life and career. Rumours have it that her overage husband is dead while it was believed in some quarters that Celine herself is suffering from infertility. Though it is hard to believe these tales as gospel truth, but it is evident that the R & B guru sailed in a tempestuous sea. It is now a known fact that her husband, during the hiatus of her music career, suffered from a protracted cancer of the lung while Celine Dion herself did not had it good in giving birth to her son, Rene-Charles Angelil. The birth of her first son nearly terminated her life. She indirectly confirmed this is one tract of her new album “A New Day as Come”

Like a door way of my life

All the leaves are falling down

Although I try to pick them up

There are so many I think I will drown….

I feel the pain, but feel no shame…

And all that I can do is pray…

And as the adage says “Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal” so is Celine Dion’s days of anguish that has now ebb away. Gone is her pain, gone is her sorrow: her crumbling world is rebuilt.

 Celine’s days of turbulence is a lesson to all mortals. She rose from a nobody; from slum to become the toast of the world, a nonentity to a celebrity. Hers is a success story. Yet, her fortune changed. Life shows her that there are two sides to everything – the good and the ugly. She has this to say:

 Life, it can twist your heart

Put you in the dark

Build the wall within…

Faith, it can lift you up…

To reach a new beginning.


The above tells of her sad experiences and of her resolve not to succumb, not to relent, and of her determination to scrape through. She knows that life is a road beset with roses and thorns and thereby braced herself. She triumphed at the end.

 What about you? Are you embroiled in same or similar problems? Well, my advice is that you adapt yourself to whatever situation you find yourself. And, according to George Bernard Shaw “the reasonable man adapts himself to the world (situations): the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” To forge ahead you must be determined, courageous and possess the zeal to overcome the labyrinths of the ‘uglies and the ‘bads’ of life.

 Remember the maxim that says “Winner don’t quit and quitters don’t win”.


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Emir of Kano and the Police hierarchy erred in Eze Oruru abduction saga. 

They only acted when the public outcry could no longer be ignored. And that was months after her parents had fruitlessly sought the assistance of the Emir and the Police in getting her back.

Both were (and are) in the position to take action at the very beginning. Allowing such opprobrious and uncivilised misdeed to go on for so long is a tactical approval.

Could they have kept mute and sanctioned the abduction and marriage of a 13 year old girl (without her parent’s consent) if she was their daughter?

Who else is the pillar of support for the proletariat if those in the position to support them left them to the caprices of human predators like Yunusa Yellow?

While it is possible to overlook the Emir’s culpability, the police officers who were apprised of the criminal act at the beginning have no excuse. They must be investigated and sanctioned if found guilty.

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